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It is worthy to note that the Annual Tax Conference has continued to be the largest gathering of Chartered Tax Practitioners and Tax Administrators locally and internationally. It has always created an avenue for participants to brainstorm, generate and share professional ideas, not only on taxation issues but also on related national issues that are necessary for the attainment and sustenance of vibrant socio- economic development. This forum has also provided an avenue for decision makers in Government and the organized private sector to make objective and feasible decisions when faced with the reality of making fundamental micro or macro-economic decisions.

This year’s Conference promises not to be different. Conference delegates would be opportune to attend a wide range of presentations that would be delivered by leading experts in both tax administration and practice. This year’s Conference, as usual, promises to create opportunities for networking, collaboration, and sharing information on technical and management practices. The conference would enable attendees to build confidential relationships across corporate disciplines and geographical boundaries.

The 19th Annual Tax Conference has been scheduled to hold from Wednesday, 17th May through Saturday 20th May, 2017 at Green Legacy Resort situated within Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library Oke Mosan Abeokuta Ogun State.

Topics that would be presented and discussed would cover a broad range of tax related issues. Some of which are:

Budgets and open Governments: the quest for transparency and accountability, Alignment of appropriate tax policy options with economic realities: the essence of business oriented and timely interventions, fiscal challenges and opportunities of the Nigerian economy, Taxation and infrastructural developments, Taxation and Governance: The Social Contract Imperatives, Psychology of the taxpayer and voluntary tax compliance.

Registration starts at 10:00 on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 with a welcoming Hospitality Night event on the same day to kick off the three-day Conference. Each day begins with a keynote address and is followed by one or more invited speakers. There will be five panel sessions presented in the technical sessions.

Other features in this year's conference include:

- Technical panel sessions—increased focus on tax education, impact to the Nigerian economy, diversification of the Nigerian economy, infrastructural development and Governance

- Exhibitions—Delegates are welcome to sign-up on first-come, first-served basis and present to their peers in the main hall at scheduled times

- Tax Quiz Competition – A novel event where interested participants can battle out their respective tax knowledge. Prizes will be won!

- Gala Night – A glamorous social night to climax the activities of the conference. A must attend event. Friday 19th May 2017.



Member's Price

Non Member's Price

Non Resident Delegates



Foreign Delegates



1. Registration is strictly online

2. Early bird registration: Registration before March 17, 2017 attracts 5% discount
3. Additional N5,000.00 will be charged for registration at the Conference Venue
4. Members are advised to cater for their own accommodation at the conference. Negotiated rates will be uploaded on the conference website (www.citnevents.org)
5. Payments options: Online (Mastercard or VISA) or Direct Deposit to bank.


Attendance which often records about 1,500 includes representatives from all the continents of the world including the host, Nigeria. Attendees from the following industries attend Conference;


- Academia
- Banking Boards of Internal Revenue across the 36 states of Nigeria
- BusinessServices
- Tax, Accountancy & Management Consultancy
- Energy/Utilities
- Financial Services
- Federal Inland Revenue Service
- Financial Services
- Healthcare
- Legal/Law Enforcement
- Local, State & Federal Governments
- Ministries, Departments & Agencies
- Oil & Gas
- Technology
- Telecommunications

You do not need to be a member of CITN to attend the conference. Once you are an individual or organization with interest, involvement or responsibility in taxation either as a tax payer (organization or individual), tax administrators or Revenue officers, tax practitioners should attend. In essence, the Conference is specifically for the following:

Legal counsel who work with tax legislation, tax policy and decision makers in establishing policies;

 - Policy and Decision-makers who direct overall tax compliance/administration/advisory;
 - Stakeholders in tax practice directly charged with determining client needs and implementing solutions;
 - Staff of Federal and State Revenue Agencies that administer tax and taxation generally;
 - Government officials responsible for implementing tax reforms
 - Non-members of the Institute who have interest in Taxation as a profession or a business
 - Professionals willing to network with experts within the tax industry

Members willing to earn 18 credit hours to fulfil their mandatory Professional Training Programme with the institute 

The Conference language is English, although provision could be made for translators to cater for attendees from Francophone countries.

Conference attire is business casual.

See you there…….!